What Are Some Activities and Crafts That Teach Manners?

What Are Some Activities and Crafts That Teach Manners?

Activities that teach manners include role play, reading books, singing songs and doing worksheets. Kids can learn manners via crafts such as coloring pictures, creating posters, making puppets and performing skits with the puppets they create.

Parents and teachers can create situations and problems requiring manners to role play with kids, or for kids to role play with one another. Some scenarios include introducing people to each other, politely asking someone to move out of the way and needing to say something to a person who is talking to someone else.

Books to read to children include "Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book," "Dude, That's Rude!" by Pamela Espeland and Elizabeth Veridck, "Don't Behave Like You Live in a Cave" by Verdick, and "The Appreciative Princess" by Efrat Haddi.

Singing songs and reciting poems about manners ingrains them in kids' memories. The songs and poems can serve as the basis for discussions and role play as well. Some of the songs and poems found at DLTK-Kids.com are "Manners Song," "Listen" and "Whole Duty of Children."

SchoolExpress.com has worksheets for learning manners, including word searches, word scrambles and cryptograms using etiquette-related words and aphorisms. Others are coloring pages showing situations such as waiting in line and riding the bus.

Kids can pose for photos portraying the use of manners, and these can be enlarged into posters, with the word of the behavior the picture represents printed on it. Kids can also draw or paint posters.

Finger and hand puppets made of paper, felt or old socks can serve as actors in skits or scenarios about manners. As a puppet, a child may feel more comfortable saying things she ordinarily would not, allowing for deeper emotions to come out as part of the learning.