What Activities Are Available "American Girl's" Innerstar University?


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"American Girl's" Innerstar University lets visitors find secret endings for stories on the website, download fun apps and play games in activity books. Some of the things to do at the "American Girl's" Innerstar University require codes from books in the series and registration.

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As of July 2015, there a handful of games visitors can play without registering or a code. Players choose an "American Girl" doll to use as an avatar and answer a "question of the week." While visiting the campus, players see the answers of other players. Each week, the game provides new questions with assorted answers.

Visitors without a code or who fail to register can explore the campus and work on several different projects and games. One of the games is in the "Body Balance" center on the map. In "Yoga," players follow the yellow glowing light over the avatar's body to trace the type of pose.

Guests of the game use a map of the park to quickly jump to the different buildings in the university. Across the campus, guests run across different "American Girl" dolls to provide them with information and projects to complete. These guides offer advice on things that visitors can do without a code or registration.

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