What Are Some Activities Available on ABCmouse.com?


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Learning activities such as puzzles, games, songs, stories and art projects are available on ABCMouse.com. Parents pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to all of the features on the site.

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ABCMouse.com provides early learning curriculum for children ranging in age from 2 to 7. There are hundreds of individual activities to choose from, each focusing on a core subject area such as math, reading, science, music or art. Children can also explore these subjects when they follow the step-by-step Learning Path. When kids complete an activity on the Learning Path, they are rewarded with virtual prizes and tickets and can move forward to the next challenge. Tickets can be redeemed for a variety of virtual items, such as new clothing or toys for the child's avatar, pets and farm animals, and accessories for the classroom hamster and fish tank.

ABCMouse.com can be accessed on any computer, tablet or phone that has Internet access. Parents can create up to three profiles under one account. Parents can also design their own lessons using the Lesson Builder tool. All of the lessons on ABCMouse.com are distributed across six academic levels. Parents can receive updates regarding their child's progress by subject and by learning level, and they can change a child's level at any time.

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