What Are Some Activities for 2-Year-Olds?


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Activities for 2-year-olds should take advantage of their incredible curiosity and the rapid pace of their learning, as they take huge developmental strides forward in the areas of locomotion, fine motor skills, cognition and social interaction at this age. Parents magazine suggests activities to augment their development, including playing with balls, building, using tools, doing puzzles, looking at books and participating in role-playing games.

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Locomotion and gross motor skills are developed when 2-year-olds play with balls. This also fosters social interaction skills and can help toddlers begin to learn how to count.

Building with blocks allows 2-year-olds to work on their fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. Playing with simple puzzles helps 2-year-olds develop their cognitive skills, especially when they have to identify shapes and colors as part of their task, and it also hones their fine motor skills. Using tools, such as hammers and scissors, also enhances the development of fine motor skills.

Books can become part of social interaction for toddlers when parents or caregivers help the children interact with the books, asking questions about the stories and pictures. Social interaction skills are further enhanced by role-playing games, which can also help alleviate toddlers' fears about the wider world. For instance, a child can role-play a trip to the doctor's office before an actual appointment with a pediatrician to allay the child's anxiety.

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