Are There Any Active Games for the School Playground?


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Active school playground games include HORSE, Red Light, Green Light and Helicopter. Physically active games such as these provide children opportunities for social interaction and improved leadership skills. Research shows that physical activity increases children's ability to focus in school.

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HORSE is played with a basketball and goal and requires players to replicate the goals opponents make in the exact manner opponents made them. To play Red Light, Green Light, one player takes the role of caller while the other players attempt to win the game by being the last player to be eliminated while advancing toward the caller. Players may advance after the callers yells "green light" and are eliminated from the game if they remain in motion after the caller screams "red light." To play Helicopter, one player swings a jump rope in a circle while the other players jump over it. The player who is able to jump over the rope without ever stepping on or getting hit by it wins.

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