What Are the Action Replay Codes for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team?

There are several action replay codes for "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team" on the Nintendo DS. Super Cheats provides a list of cheat codes including team Pokemon modifier, get max stats, unlock Western Cave, and get all items in storage.

To change what type of Pokemon the player's team members are, the player will need to go to the dungeon and type in a new Pokemon ID after typing in a team member modifier code. The codes include hero modifier 1213BCAC 0000XXXX, partner modifier 1213BD00 0000XXXX, and third team member modifier 1213BD54 0000XXXX, as listed by Super Cheats.

In addition, the player can give his Pokemon max status by going into a dungeon and typing in a code for certain Pokemon. These codes include 12115440 000003e7 for first Pokemon max status, 2211561f 000000ff for second Pokemon max status, and 221157f3 000000ff for third Pokemon max status, as listed by Super Cheats.

To unlock Western Cave the player will need to type in the code 94000130 fcff0000 00000000 00000000 b0000004 00000000 c0000000 0000000b 00000002 00000019 00000003 00000000 d2000000 00000000, according to Super Cheats. Also listed by Super Cheats is the code to get all of the player's items into storage which is A213c112 000003e7 D5000000 000003e7 C0000000 000000ee D7000000 0213bf36 D2000000 00000000.