What Is an Acrylic Monomer?


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Acrylic monomers are the small molecules used in the production of acrylic polymer formulations. The most common uses for acrylic monomers are as dispersions and emulsions for a wide range of products, including adhesives, surface coatings, detergents, dispersants, thickeners, inks, textiles, plastics and the superabsorbent polymers used in disposable diapers

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There are nine classifications of acrylic monomers: acrylamides and methacrylamides, acrylates, acrylic acids and salts, acrylonitriles, bisphenol acrylics, fluorinated acrylics, maleimides, methacrylates, and polyfunctional acrylics. The varying physical characteristics provided by these nine groups provide a wide range of durability, tackiness, rigidity and glass transition temperatures to the products produced.

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