What Are Some Accessories You Can Buy for the American Girl Doll, McKenna?


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The American Girl doll McKenna and accessories specifically for this doll are no longer being produced by the company, but some doll-specific accessories, like the loft bed, beam and bar set and performance set can still be found on sites such as Amazon or through private sellers. Some of the toys and accessories for the dolls can be interchanged and generic accessories are available from the American Girl website that can be used with McKenna or any doll.

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The American Doll website offers toy dogs, cats, collars for the animals, hair accessories, shoes and socks, food, nursery and doll care options. There are a number of dogs and dog accessories to chose from on the American Doll website including Dalmatians, chocolate labs, poodles, corgis and Himalayan kittens. Along with these pets, there are collars and leashes available to give the doll and her pet the complete look.

The clothing accessories cover everything from shoes to leggings. Dolls can have roller skates, sandals, flats, boots and tennis shoes. The leggings come in a set with socks. The food accessories includes lunch sets, food carts, breakfast sets and dinner sets. There are also chairs for the dolls, which can be attached to the actual dinner table, allowing children to take their dolls to dinner with them.

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