How Do You Access The Walls Server for "Minecraft"?


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Some popular servers that offer The Walls are Hypixel, Epic Minecraft and TheWallsPVP. The Walls is a type of "Minecraft" player-versus-player game offered on numerous servers and is more common for the Java-based PC edition of "Minecraft" than the Pocket Edition. To run multiplayer "Minecraft", a computer must have a high-speed Internet connection.

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To access a game of The Walls, launch "Minecraft" in multiplayer mode to view the server list. If the server you wish to play on is not present in the server list, click Add Server and enter the server's name and IP address in the corresponding field. The address for Hypixel is mc.hypixel.net, Epic Minecraft's address is epic-mc.com and TheWallsPVP's address is thewallspvp.com:25565.

Double-click the server name in the server list to access the lobby, and use either the hotbar or the lobby map to join a game of The Walls that has not yet started. Usually in The Walls, four teams are separated by walls for a specified time period, and the players spend the first few minutes mining resources and crafting weapons and armor. At the specified time, often 10 minutes into the game, the walls disappear and the players fight to the death until only one team remains. The team with the last remaining players wins the game.

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