How Do You Access Vanoss Gaming's Controller for Xbox One?


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The Vanoss Gaming's controller for Xbox One comes with thumb sticks, a top trim, a D-pad, bumpers and triggers, ABXY buttons and grips as well as a start-back button and the video game custom guide button. The controller consists of rapid fire and other additional add-on modes.

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The controller contains rapid-fire microchips that have built-in default speeds with the capability of being programmed to multiple speed settings. The controller indicates the rapid-fire mode by the custom light-emitting diode lens. To shift to the next rapid fire mode, hold down the mode button.

The add-on modes include the drop shot, the auto burst, the quick scope, the sniper breath and jitter. Other modes include the zombie mode, fast reload, auto spot, auto sprint, turbo melee and master mode options. The drop-shot mode allows going into prone position and simultaneously firing while escaping the opponent firing. The auto-burst mode alters the weapons to burst weapons.

To automatically scope in and shoot with the pull of a trigger, use the quick-scope mode. The jitter mode turns any three-burst weapons into a fully automatic weapon. The sniper-breath option allows the character to hold his breath while scoping with a sniper knife. Use the fast reload option to reload the weapon with lightening-quick speed. Auto spot helps find the enemy, and auto sprint speeds up the action after pulling the scope.

The zombie mode tracks the closest zombie opponent. The turbo melee option reduces the time between knife attacks. The controller adjusts for optimum power.

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