How Do You Access Quick Results From Equibase?

How Do You Access Quick Results From Equibase?

To access quick results from Equibase, go directly to the results tab, and search for the particular race. There are different links for different races and events on the tab, so clicking on the particular link is important.

On the results tab of the website, there are links for full charts, quick summary, historical charts, a racing today dashboard and a stakes results link.

The full charts link provides results for historical, recent and that day's featured tracks. It also displays tracks that are not in use when the user visited the page. On the quick summary link page, recent races and tracks being raced on when the page is visited are displayed so that when the name is clicked, it shows all available dates in a calendar format.

The stakes results section gives the user the option to select a thoroughbred race category by entering the date and submitting.

The historical charts link page has a search page that makes it possible for the user to find specific tracks or dates or by using arrows on the calendar to scroll through dates. The racing today dashboard displays the race numbers, which change as results are updated throughout the day.