How Do You Access a Pixelmon "Minecraft" Server?

Access a "Minecraft" Pixelmon server by either locating the connecting IP address of the host server or locating a server list of Pixelmon servers online. To join any "Minecraft" server, game versions must be the same, and the Pixelmon mod must be downloaded.

Pixelmon is a mod that combines the popular games "Pokémon" and "Minecraft." In addition to adding close to 300 types of Pokémon to the Minecraft world, the mod features a copy of the Pokémon attack and capture system, including 500 different attacks and status ailments that make it feel like the Nintendo franchise game. While this mod is known to have conflicts with some other mods, Pixelmon keeps base files as is, allowing it to work alongside many other mods and with some of the "Minecraft" game’s most popular add-ons.

"Minecraft" is a popular independent sandbox construction videogame that was released in 2009. A world created with textured cubes, Minecraft allows users to put their imaginations to the test by building creations in this three-dimensional world. With both creative and survival modes available, players can decide if they wish to create structures limitlessly or discover the world while fighting monsters, farming crops, building fortresses and much more. Players can interact with each other by creating or joining a server.