How Do You Access "Minecraft" Crazy Craft Servers?


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Play "Minecraft" on Crazy Craft servers by downloading the launcher by Void's Wrath and launching the game from it. The launcher is available for free.

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Once on the website, click the Play Free Now button on the banner to access the launcher. Scroll down, and click Download For Windows if you play the game on Windows or Cross Platform Download if you play the game on any other platform. Run the launcher, navigate to the Mod Packs tab at the top, and enable the Crazy Craft mod. Load the mod pack, and click the Official Server button to join the server.

The launcher requires a 64-bit operating system and a 64-bit Java JRE V7.0 installation. The developer notes that 32-bit operating systems may run at low frame rates and run out of memory during gameplay. Download Java from Oracle.com by clicking the appropriate version for your operating system.

The servers add new weapons, more than 30 bosses, hoverboards and other features to the game. Other new features include NPCs that sell items, banks to store money and a chest that includes modded items. Once in the server, type "/spawn" to teleport to a safe location, "/shop" to gain access to the shop, "/tpa" to teleport near other players and "/balance" to check your in-game balance.

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