How Do You Access the J.W. Pepper Choral Music Listings?

How Do You Access the J.W. Pepper Choral Music Listings?

The J.W. Pepper choral music listings are available online from the J.W. Pepper website under the Choral tab on the top of the home page and can also be accessed through email or United States Postal Service. From the website, the interactive digital version can be emailed, a printed catalog can be mailed or choose both the email and the printed catalog option. Users can sign up for free catalogs and set up their preferences from the website.

In order to access the J.W. Pepper choral music listings, follow these steps below.

  1. Choose choral category and subcategory
  2. From the J.W. Pepper website's home page, choose the Choral tab on the top of the page. Music catalogs can also be searched by band, orchestra, classroom or instrument from the home page tabs. Once the tab is chosen, a drop-down menu will appear offering subcategory choices, such as Church, Vocal or Choral Master. After selecting the subcategory, users will be directed to the music catalog in the chosen subcategory.

  3. Choose the specific music or narrow down options
  4. The music catalog page is divided into options, such as music for special events or major musicals. Users can browse the options or view the entire catalog by clicking on Shop All.

  5. Choose music to purchase
  6. Click on the title to add the music to the shopping cart. Choose the quantity. The shopping cart will feature the description, quantity, inventory number and price, which the shopper can revise. Purchases can be reviewed and returned at any time for full credit.