How Do You Access the Dreamsicles Catalog Online?

Access the Dreamsicles catalog online by going to, or Although the Dreamsicles line of collectible figures is retired and out of production, much of the catalog is still available to view online. has a catalog of Dreamsicles figurines on its website. These figurines include Best Friends, Dreamin' of You, Little Snowflake and Let's Be Lovebirds. Go to the home page, and search for Dreamsicles with the search function located on the top left of the page. Alternatively, click on the tab labeled Villages/Figurines underneath the Categories heading, and choose Dreamsicles from the resulting list. has several pages worth of Dreamsicles figurines to view. has over 50 pages worth of viewable Dreamsicles figurines in its online catalog. Specific figurines include You're My Shining Star, Sweet Pea, Punkin Party and Loving Season. Click on an item to bring up a larger photo of it, as well as additional details about the product.

Go to to view its online catalog of Dreamsicle figurines for sale. Find Dreamsicles products in the category Decorative Collectible Brands, a subcategory of Decorative Collectibles and Collectibles. Some of these figurines come in sets, while others are sold individually. also lists which Dreamsicles figurines are most popular on the website on the right side of the catalog.