How Do You Access Cryptogram Puzzles to Print?

To access cryptogram puzzles to print, go to or, find cryptogram puzzles from the list of available puzzles, select the exact puzzle you need, download it, and then print. Cryptogram puzzles on the two websites fall into different categories, depending on their complexity.

On PuzzlesToPrint, go to the left-hand side of the screen under Word Puzzles and select Cryptogram Puzzles. On the new page, click on the desired puzzle to open it, then click Print Puzzle. Click the Print button near the top-right corner of the next page. On the Print window, select the printer, enter the printing preferences and then click OK to begin printing.

Alternatively, on PrintablePuzzles, click Cryptograms on the top menu of the home page. Select the difficulty level for the desired puzzle and click Download. Click the Download button again to download the selected puzzle in PDF format. Open the downloaded puzzle, go to File, select Print from the shortcut menu, set the printing preferences and then print.

PuzzlesToPrint also provides important tips, eBooks and related information about cryptogram puzzles for different age groups. To view hints for solving a particular puzzle downloaded from PrintablePuzzles, click on the Need A Hint button, provide the puzzle ID, then click the Get A Hint button.