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"ABCYa Paint" is an interactive coloring game that is part of the ABCYa.com suite of educational media. It allows the player to choose from several different brushes and colors to create a unique picture, or choose a stencil to use the game as a digital coloring book.

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When using "ABCYa Paint," the user is able to choose from a wide and extensive selection of painting and coloring tools in order to make any manner of artistic creations. The default tool is a medium-width paint brush, but the game allows players to choose from multiple paint brush sizes along with markers, pencils, spray cans and paint rollers. The player also has access to a paint bucket for filling in larger areas and a stamp tool for copying different elements on the page. If the player is unhappy with anything she draws, she can switch to the eraser tool and erase all colors underneath it.

The game also includes a sticker system, with categories such as People, Cupcakes, Sports, Birthday and Dinosaurs. If the player doesn't want to use the free-draw mode, she has the option of overlaying an image outline and coloring in the empty spaces. This turns the game into an interactive coloring book with the ability to save the final drawing.

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