What Are Free AARP Games?

What Are Free AARP Games?

There are numerous free AARP games available online, including Countdown, The Right Word, Private Eye and Shapes and Colors. Available on the AARP website, these games are intended to help seniors boost cognitive functions and keep their memory, problem-solving and language skills sharp.

Countdown is intended to train mental calculation and multi-step processing skills. The game presents players with different combinations of numbers and standard mathematical functions, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, which must be paired up correctly to achieve a provided number. Countdown uses players' age, gender and education level to calculate game performance and tailor questions to areas that need work.

The Right Word helps players train memory and increase vocabulary by matching up words with their corresponding definitions. Though the premise is simple, the game adds complexity by varying the level of vocabulary and allowing players to view words with or without hints.

Private Eye helps users enhance analytic and pattern recognition skills by examining different sets of symbols and letters to find the entry that doesn't belong. The game offers variable difficulty levels with increasingly complex patterns.

Shapes and Colors helps players boost visual memory and perception. Players must memorize a series of different shapes and colors and then pick out these images from groups of similar appearance.