What Is the "7 Wonders" Game?


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The “7 Wonders” game is a board game in which players gather resources, build their military and develop trade routes to reach the ultimate goal of building a wonder and ruling the most powerful civilization in the world. The game is designed for three to seven players and takes around 30 minutes to play, according to Amazon.com.

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When a player starts his turn, he chooses one card to use to further build the strongest civilization on Earth. He has to decide if he wants to build up his resources or strike an opponent and take what he can. Once he chooses a card, he passes the remaining cards to the player to his left. As the game progresses, every player gains access to more technology and better cards.

The game comes with seven wonder boards, seven wonder cards and 147 age cards. The age cards are split up into Age I, Age II and Age III, and each category contains 49 cards. The game also comes with tokens, including 20 gold coins, 40 sliver coins and 42 flags. A score pad and rule book are included as well.

Players can also purchase expansion packs to add a new level of strategy to the game. The “7 Wonders Leaders Expansion Pack,” for example, allows players to choose leaders to help lead their cities to greatness.

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