What Is the "7 Little Words" Game?


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The "7 Little Words" game is an app on several mobile devices and PCs that takes everyday words and scrambles them into a puzzle. There is a new goal every day with a new puzzle and seven new words to unscramble.

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The "7 Little Words" game combines crossword puzzles, word finds and anagram games into a unique puzzle game. Each day's puzzle has seven clues for seven words that cover topics such as places, popular culture and famous names. The words are scrambled into 20-letter groupings and can be discovered by deciphering the clues and combining the letter groupings. There is no time limit or player competition during gameplay.

This game is available for download from most app stores, including on Apple devices, Android devices, most reading tablets and all Windows 8 platforms. Facebook is the only non-app platform where the game can be accessed through a person's profile. There is also a version of the game that is available for classrooms and that includes printable puzzles. This version covers topics such as science, history and language. The classroom version can be downloaded on the "7 Little Words" website under the "For the Classroom" tab found on the home page.

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