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The game "20Q" is game available in online, handheld and app formats based upon the party game "20 Questions." The 20Q game has been translated into more than 20 languages and three dialects of English and is available in 16 themes including "Star Trek," "Harry Potter," movies, television and sports.

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The 20Q game is 76 percent accurate within 20 questions and 98 percent accurate with 25 questions or less, according to the game's designer. The key is that the game learns the more it play. The 20Q website had more than 50 million questions asked per month in 2006, and its 44 millionth game was played in September 2006.

The 20Q game went online in 1995. The first handheld game was sold in 2003 through Radica. Several merchandising tie-ins, such as with Burger King and "Star Wars," made the game even more popular.

Canadian inventor Robin Burgener created the game in 1988 on a floppy disk he passed around to his friends. The only answer at the time was "cat," and Burgener used the mental exercise to fine-tune his artificial intelligence program. Every time a game completes, the 20Q program makes artificial "synaptic connections" that allow it to play the game better the next time similar questions arise.

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