What Are Some 1960s Trivia Questions?

What Are Some 1960s Trivia Questions?

Some 1960s trivia questions deal with technology, such as what television innovation was developed during the early 1960s? The answer is satellite television, which was first transmitted from Europe to North America in 1962.

Another technological question involves the moon landing in 1969. Neil Armstrong was the first to step onto the satellite. Which astronaut followed him? Buzz Aldrin was the second person on the moon.

Other 60s trivia questions revolve around politics. For instance, how many presidents were commander in chief during the Vietnam War? The answer is three: John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. Another sobering political question is: In what year were both Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assassinated? They were killed in 1968.

Music is also a popular 1960s question category. What was the first album the Beatles released in the United Kingdom? "Please Please Me" came out on March 22, 1963. Another musical question: Which artist won the 1966 Grammy Award for Record of the Year for "Strangers in the Night?" The answer is Frank Sinatra.

Trivia about 1960s movies includes: What actor both directed and appeared in the classic movie "Easy Rider?" Dennis Hopper did the double duty. A television trivia question is: What was the first prime-time soap opera? ABC premiered "Peyton Place" in 1964.