What Does a 1953 $5 Bill Look Like?


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The $5 bill issued by the United States Mint in 1953 is distinctive in that it showcases a red seal and serial number, according to Old Currency LLC. The bill includes a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln in the center and the digit "5" in each corner of the bill.

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The U.S. Mint issued more than 200 million $5 bills in 1953. Some of the 1953 notes also have a red star before the serial number. Though unique in appearance due to the red ink, the bills are very common and are not considered to be valuable by collectors. The 1953 $5 bill is valuable only when in mint condition. Red seal star $5 notes from 1953 can sell for about $12 in circulated condition and up to $100 uncirculated, Old Currency states.

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