What Is the 1939 Mercury Dime?


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A 1939 Mercury dime is a U.S. dime featuring Liberty wearing a winged headdress. This dime was minted in 1939. The Mercury dime was minted between 1916 and 1946, so there are many different Mercury dime years.

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The Mercury dime is actually more formally known as the Winged Head Liberty dime. The coin features Liberty wearing wings on her head, but her image was often mistaken for that of Mercury, the Roman messenger of the gods. For many collectors, the Mercury dime and the other coins minted during the same era are the most beautiful and collectible, as they represented a shift away from more utilitarian designs.

The Mint and Treasury department held a competition for the design of the new dime, quarter, and half dollar. Adolph A. Weinman won the competition for the dime with his design featuring the head of Liberty on the front and a decorated fasces, an ancient Roman symbol of authority featuring an axe head sticking out of a bundle of sticks, on the reverse. As the coin was released during World War I, the importance of the fasces as a symbol of authority and preparedness surely added to the design's appeal. The Mercury dime was replaced in 1946 by the Roosevelt dime.

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