What Are Some Facts About the 1893 S Morgan Silver Dollar?


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The 1893 S Morgan silver dollar was produced at the San Francisco facility of the U.S. Mint and is composed of 90 percent silver, for a total silver content of 0.77 troy ounces. The San Francisco mint produced only 100,000 1893 S Morgan silver dollars.

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The minimum value of an 1893 S Morgan silver dollar is its melt value based on its silver content, and the market value of silver can change on a daily basis. When a troy ounce of silver is valued at $20.30, the melt value of an 1893 S Morgan silver dollar is $15.70. The value of these coins to collectors is significantly higher than their intrinsic value. At its lowest, a coin in poor condition may be worth around $6,492 based on the 2014 price listings from CoinTrackers. At its highest, an 1893 S Morgan silver dollar in uncirculated condition, the highest graded condition of a coin, could be worth as much as $550,000 and possibly more.

The coin features a left-facing bust of lady liberty on its obverse side, with the date at the bottom. On its reverse side, Morgan silver dollars feature a left-facing American bald eagle. They were produced from 1878 to 1897.

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