What Are Some Free 14-Day Trial Xbox Live Gold Codes?

Although 14-day trial codes for Xbox Live Gold cost money, players can try the service for free for up to a month by signing up for the free trial program on Xbox.com. Players that already have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are not eligible for the free trial.

Trial codes such as the ones that last for 14 days often come with console or video game purchases. Some customers may choose to sell the code online. As such, it's not possible to acquire a free trial code for free.

If creating an Xbox account for the first time, you can sign up for the free trial during the set-up process on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console. To do so, simply sign up for Gold membership, and Microsoft automatically adds a free trial to your account.

If you already have an Xbox account, you must use a Web browser to sign up for the trial. Log in to your account, and open the Subscription page. Select Gold - 1 Month FREE trial, and click Next. If prompted, provide payment information, and follow the instructions on the website.

Microsoft warns that the free trial turns into a paid subscription at the end of the offer. To cancel the trial, click Cancel Automatic Payment under the trial membership information on your Subscription page, and click Continue. Every account is only eligible for one free trial.