What Are the 10 Funniest Jokes About?


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The 10 funniest jokes of all time include jokes about drinking, a man walking into a bar, Tom Jones, a blond woman and dyslexia, according to a 2010 poll reported by the Daily Mail. The number one joke on the list is about a bus passenger insulting a female passenger's baby.

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Factors such as age, gender, nationality and culture influence what jokes are considered funny to certain groups of people, according to humor scientist Scott Weems. Americans prefer short jokes and insult comedy while Europeans prefer absurd jokes. What jokes are deemed funniest is subjective and depends on the audience's preference for nonoffensive "clean" jokes or risqué "dirty" jokes.

The online magazine Stuff You Couldn't Make Up publishes a list of its top 10 funniest jokes in 11 categories including family jokes, animal jokes, kids' jokes, jokes about money and funniest puns. In 2015 Esquire magazine published "The Greatest Jokes Ever Told," a compilation of the favorite jokes of 22 popular comedians.

A joke cycle refers to a group of jokes that share a common set-up, theme or target. Examples of popular joke cycles include "change a light bulb" jokes, "walking into a bar" jokes, "knock-knock" jokes, "chicken crossing the road" jokes and a variety of jokes that disparage a certain ethnicity or religion, which are considered offensive to many audiences.

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