How Do You Get 10,000 Coins on "Club Penguin"?

How Do You Get 10,000 Coins on "Club Penguin"?

There are several ways to earn coins in "Club Penguin," including playing games and getting a job. Finding the best games to get coins, getting a pet puffle or digging can also help the player accumulate more coins.

  1. Play games

    Every game in "Club Penguin" rewards the player with a prize upon completion. Playing games that reward the player with high amounts of coins, such as the Jetpack Adventure, can help the player get 10,000 coins faster.

  2. Get the penguin a job

    There are two available jobs in "Club Penguin." Both the Secret Agent and Tour Guide positions pay out once a month.

  3. Get a pet puffle

    Having a pet puffle will increase the amount of coins you are rewarded as you complete games.

  4. Dig for coins

    Players can get coins by digging in the gold mine. They will need to wear a hard hat and press D in order to dig.

  5. Take advantage of bonuses

    Some games and events offer special coin bonuses. Jetpack Adventure, for example, will reward the player with 1,000 coins if their penguin makes it to the end of the course without selecting a single coin. Codes and cheats can also be used to enhance payouts throughout the game.