What Is the "1 Vs. 100" Online Game?

"1 vs. 100" is an online game based on a TV trivia game show of the same name, featuring one contestant playing against the “mob” of 100 opponents. Microsoft’s online adaptation of the contest, which was terminated in 2010, enabled Xbox users to participate in the game either as the lone contestant or as members of the mob. The adaptation created by iWin is made for only one player, who acts as the contestant trying to defeat a virtual mob.

During the game, both the contestant and the members of the mob have to respond to trivia questions. The mob members who give a wrong answer are eliminated. The contestant gets a reward for each of these eliminations. The game ends with the mob being entirely eliminated, with the contestant answering incorrectly, or with the contestant choosing to leave the game with the reward accumulated so far.

The contestant can choose to leave the game before the announcement of each question after answering a certain number of questions correctly. This boundary is at three questions according to the rules of the original TV show, but iWin’s adaptation offers this possibility after first five correct answers. Unlike the TV show, the iWin version does not eliminate the contestant for answering one of the first five questions incorrectly, and the iWin version has a different prize system than the TV show as well. IWin’s adaptation of the game for Facebook enables the player to send a question to a friend to gain an additional prize.