How Are 1.8 and 1.7 Minecraft Servers Different?


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Minecraft 1.8 offers additional mapmaking and survival features that do not appear in version 1.7. The update from 1.7 to 1.8, known as the Bountiful Update, also includes several performance changes to enhance the playing experience. A complete list of changes is listed on the Minecraft Wiki.

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For mapmakers, Minecraft 1.8 features new game rules, statistics, commands and NBT tags. The newer version features five new game rules, including randomTickSpeed, sendCommandFeedback and showDeathMessages. An additional five statistics are also included in Minecraft 1.8, such as sprintOneCm, talkedToVillager and tradedWithVillager. Mapmakers also have access to 12 new commands, including /clone, /entitydata, /particle, and /worldborder. The newer version also has 13 new NBT tags, such as CanPlaceOn, Lock, PickupDelay and ShowParticles. In Minecraft 1.8, players also have the selector, @e, for targeting enemies.

Minecraft 1.8 also features numerous changes to survival features. Players can mine 36 new block types, and sheep drop mutton. Rabbits, Guardians and Endermites are new types of mobs. The underwater dungeon features an ocean monument. Players have access to a new skin, Alex, with shorter arms, and all player skins include a jacket layer. Players are also able to access the game with two new modes, Spectator and Debug.

Minecraft 1.8 includes many new features, but also some changes to existing ones to improve the player's experience. A few of the changes include the removal of Anisotropic Filtering and Advanced OpenGL.

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