What Are Some World War I Facts for Kids?


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World War I is commonly referred to as the Great War or the War of Nations. It began in August 1914 and ended in November 1918. There were two primary alliances: the Central Powers and the Allied Powers. The end of World War I is officially recognized as Nov. 11, 1918, which is also Veterans Day in the United States.

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The two primary alliances were the Allies, including but not limited to France, Great Britain and Russia. The primary members of the Central Powers were Germany and Austria-Hungary. Italy, once part of the Triple Alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary, eventually changed sides and fought with the Allied Powers in the war.

World War I combat was unlike any before it. Soldiers for the first time fought primarily in trenches, thus the origin of the term "trench warfare," and were for the first time subject to chemical and weapon attacks. Some new weapons introduced in World War I were the fighter plane, the flamethrower and tanks. While there were many new technologies used in the war, several older ones were also employed. Animals, mostly dogs and pigeons, were used to relay messages back and forth, and horses were used as the cavalry.

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