What Are Some World War II Resources for Kids?


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Scholastic and the National World War II Museum are some World War II resources for children. Both offer websites that are educational in nature and use online games to teach children about the historic event.

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What Are Some World War II Resources for Kids?
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Scholastic.com features eyewitness interviews, lesson plans, articles and games geared for elementary through high school grades. For example, teachers that take advantage of the "Attack on Pearl Harbor Teacher's Guide" use the resources to provide children information on what led to the attack. The guide also provides accounts of Pearl Harbor witnesses.

On the site, children also learn about WWII by building timelines. This activity comes in two groups: one for third through fifth graders and the other for sixth through eighth graders. Junior high and high school students learn about the Normandy Invasion through a series of articles available on the website. Students also learn about specific leaders of that time, such as Winston Churchill, through books, films and teaching idea resources.

The National World War II Museum focuses on providing students many interactive opportunities to learn about the historic event. Students can make propaganda posters and WWII-era patches to get a feel for life during that time. Children also have the chance to make to make a semaphore flag. These are flags that the navy and coast guard used to send signals during WWII. A memory match game, puzzles and a WWII word search are available for kids to continue becoming familiar with the images and terminology of the time.

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