What Are Some World War 2 Memorabilia Items?


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World War II memorabilia items can be any item of historical interest or significance from the period during which World War II took place. For example, these items could be a soldier's helmet, a bayonet, a rifle, a pistol or a medal.

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Memorabilia items tend to be popular among those with a great interest in history and, because World War II was such a world-changing, massive event, there are countless memorabilia items that originate from the war. Some particularly significant examples of memorabilia items from World War II include helmets and other equipment taken from the D-Day landings, an event that featured a combined assault primarily by the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia on the beaches of Normandy, France. Memorabilia items tend to have a unique historical significance.

Instead of a nondescript helmet from World War II, an interesting and valuable memorabilia item would be a helmet specifically from Pearl Harbor or the Battle of the Bulge. Any weapons such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, mortar shells or knives that can be definitively identified as having originated from a battle of great significance such as the Battle of Kursk, the Battle of El Alamein or the Battle of Iwo Jima are classic examples of World War II memorabilia items.

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