Who Won the Battle of Guilford Courthouse?


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The British achieved a tactical victory at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse during the American Revolutionary War. However, the British army suffered heavy casualties, which resulted in their eventual surrender at the battle of Yorktown.

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On March 15, 1781, General Cornwallis ordered his troops to attack the defending army at Guilford Courthouse. The battle raged for two hours before the defending commander, Major General Nathanael Greene, ordered his troops to retreat. This left most of his forces intact, whereas Cornwallis lost 25 percent of his army. This caused Cornwallis to abandon his campaign through North Carolina and instead divert to Virginia, where his weakened army surrendered after a three-week siege to General George Washington and French commander Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau on Oct. 19, 1781.

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