What Was Winston Churchill's Role in WWII?

The role of Winston Churchill in WWII was to lead Great Britain in their fight against the Germans. He was Prime Minister of Great Britain and was able to rally the people of Great Britain during the war.

Winston Churchill became Prime Minister on May 10, 1940, when the war had already begun. During his first speech to the House of Commons, he stated that he had nothing to offer except blood, toil and tears. His policy on fighting the Germans was to fight with everything that the country had. He rallied the troops in Great Britain as well as encouraging the country to stay strong and help the troops however possible. Churchill knew that the war would be difficult but he kept the spirits of the British people high and gave many famous speeches on the radio. Churchill stayed in London during the Blitz and spent time visiting areas that had been bombed. The British people loved the fact that even though he could have moved away from the area to stay safe, he chose to remain with the people who were suffering.

Churchill persuaded the U.S. President, Franklin Roosevelt, to lend war supplies, such as ammunition, guns and planes, to the Allied Forces.