Who Was Winston Churchill and Why Was He Famous?

Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone/Getty Images

Winston Churchill was the British Prime Minister for most of World War II, and was famous for his inspiring speeches as well as his refusal to give up. Even when the war was going badly, Churchill persevered and pressured everyone to go on.

Born in 1874, he lived through both of the world wars and is particularly famous in Britain. He witnessed the first cars, the first planes and the first astronauts in space during his lifetime. He died in 1965. People remember Churchill most for his leadership abilities during World War II, although he was also an excellent journalist.

One of his most famous speeches is known as the “Iron Curtain” speech. He made the speech on a visit to the United States in March 1946. He warned Americans of Soviet domination in the Eastern European region, and shared with Americans the need for Britain to remain independent instead of forming European coalitions.

Winston Churchill is also known for his direct military action in Kenya and Malaya. This put down the rebellions there, but also signaled that Britain needed to let go of its colonial rule in the regions. He also established new standards for domestic housing and improved conditions for those working in the mines.