What Were Some Weapons Used in WWII?


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Some weapons that were used in WWII included small arms, such as the M1903 Springfield rifle and the Colt M1911 pistol that were used by the United States, and the Lee-Enfield rifle and the Sten gun that were used by Great Britain. Other weapons that were used during WWII included a variety of aircraft bombers, aircraft fighters and warships.

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A variety of infantry weapons were used by each country involved in WWII. Some examples include machine guns, grenades, rifles, close-quarters weapons and handguns. For instance, Albania used handguns such as the Glisenti Model 1910 and the Beretta M1934, whereas the Republic of China used handguns such as the Nagant M1895 and the Luger P08. Nazi Germany favored pistols, such as the Walther P38 and the Mauser HSc, over handguns. Unlike other countries, Japan included flamethrowers and swords in its arsenal of weapons during WWII.

Some aircraft bombers used by the United States included the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, the Douglas TBD Devastator and the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. The Flying Fortress was built to replace the Martin B-10. Both the Boeing 247 transport and the XB-15 bomber were used as inspiration for the design of the new bomber. It included five mounted machine guns for defense and was capable of lifting a bomb load of 4,800 pounds.

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