What Were Some of the U.S. Army Units Deployed to Vietnam?


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Some U.S. Army units deployed into Vietnam were U.S. Army Pacific, Military Assistance Advisory Group, U.S. Army Material Command and U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. These units were each deployed separately and with a unique purpose.

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The U.S. Army Pacific was one of the first units deployed. This unit's jurisdiction includes all nations bordering the Pacific Ocean mainly focusing on Hawaii, the Philippines, Korea and Japan. The unit was sent to Vietnam during the Vietnam War under the command of several generals including Clark L. Ruffner, Bruce C. Clarke, Herbert B. Powell and Blackshear M. Bryan. Another unit, the Military Assistance Advisory Group, was deployed to Indochina in 1950 and then later in Vietnam in 1955. The initial group was sent to assist French forces with the First Indochina War.

The second advisory group was sent to Vietnam to assist American soldiers as the United States became more involved in the Vietnam War. A later unit called the U.S. Army Material Command was sent to Vietnam in 1962 in order to develop research on weapons systems and to conduct maintenance. This unit was led by Lieutenant General Frank S. Besson Jr. The last unit deployed in Vietnam was the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. This group was established in 1969 in order to set a precedent of responsibility for unlawful soldiers.

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