What Were Suleiman's Accomplishments?

were-suleiman-s-accomplishments Credit: DEA / A. DAGLI ORTI/De Agostini/Getty Images

Suleiman achieved several feats as a ruler, including the rapid expansion of his empire that included Jerusalem and North Africa. He also brought civil service and social achievements to the lands he conquered.

Suleiman is notable for his military and naval achievements that helped expand his empire from Asia across to North Africa. He is known for his attacks on Hungary in 1526 and the Battle of the Mohacs in 1529. Each of these battles expanded the territory of the Ottoman Empire significantly and lead his naval fleet to become a dominant power of the time period.

In addition to his naval and military achievements, Suleiman also brought many civil service and social changes to the countries he conquered. A key legal achievement was the development within the judicial system for his use of lawyers throughout the courthouses within his empire. This lead to the name "the Lawgiver."

Jewish history holds Suleiman in high esteem due to his commission and rebuilding of the walls that still surround Jerusalem today. These walls protected the city from attack and from the horrors that took place to the Jewish people under Ferdinand II of Spain during the late 1400s. Poetry and the arts also thrived under Suleiman's rule.