What Were Some Significant Events Leading up to D-Day?


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Some significant events leading up to D-Day include the Dieppe raid, the Trident Conference, the Quadrant Conference and the Sextant and Eureka Conferences. D-Day took place on June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France, and was the "largest seaborne invasion in history" according to CNN.

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On August 19, 1942 the French Dieppe port was raided. This was when the Allied forces decided that they should plan to drop their soldiers onto a beach. In order to invade from England to France, the Allied forces had to choose a beach. At the Trident Conference, the British and American leaders got together to determine how and where to cross the English Channel. At the Sextant and Eureka conferences in late winter 1943, the leaders defined the attack and laid the final details down as well as talked about the attack on Dieppe.

During D-Day, there were more than 150,000 troops from the Allied forces that stormed the beach and fought against German forces. This was a huge success for the Allied forces and was one of the battles that helped to signal that the war would be won by the Allies. Americans made up approximately half of the troops that stormed the beach. The "D" in D-Day stands for "Day." The word "D-Day" then stands for a secret day when the operation will be held.

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