When Were School Yearbooks Invented?


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Yearbooks started in the 1600s as scrapbooks filled with personal memos from students, hair and dried flowers, states School Annual Publishing Company. Pictures were included starting in the early 1800s.

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When Were School Yearbooks Invented?
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The first college yearbook ever made was published by Yale in 1806. The first high school yearbook was published in 1845 by a school in Waterville, N.Y. In the mid-1800s, posed photos of seniors were included. In 1880, modern yearbooks were printed. The 1920 yearbooks began including photos of teachers and activities, says School Annual Publishing Company.

In the subsequent years, photos of all class members, staff and school clubs and activities were included in the yearbooks. School Annual Publishing Company says that most yearbooks, as of 2014, are designed online by students and sent electronically to the publishing company.

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