What Were Samuel Adams' Accomplishments?

Samuel Adams was a key figure in the American Revolution, and his main accomplishments were organizing the Boston Tea Party and signing the Declaration of Independence. He is known for being one of the original founding fathers of the United States. He served as a legislator in Massachusetts for nine years, and he founded Boston's committee of correspondence, which significantly improved how people communicated and coordinated during the Revolutionary War.

After serving as a Massachusetts legislator, Samuel Adams served as a delegate to the Continental Congress. During this period, Samuel Adams played an integral role in pushing for America to finally become completely independent of Britain. He also served as Massachusetts governor for three years, from 1794 through 1797.

Samuel Adams was a vital figure in fighting against unfair taxes from the British Parliament. When the Tea Act passed in 1773, many workers were put out of business because of unfair advantages given to East India Company, which was one of Great Britain's primary commercial institutions at the time. Samuel Adams helped to organize a revolutionary act, which involved a group of men dressed as Mohawk Indians dumping all of the tea ship's cargo overboard. This event came to be known as the Boston Tea Party.