What Were the Routes of Sir Francis Drake?

The route Sir Francis Drake took on his voyage around the world took him down the east coast of South America, up the west coast of America, across the Pacific to the Philippines, around Africa and back to England. He also made numerous trips from England to America and back.

Sir Francis Drake left England for his famous circumnavigation of the world in December of 1577. After sailing along the west coast of Africa to Cabo Blanco, he crossed the Atlantic to Brazil and made his way down the east coast of South America. Abandoning two of his ships, he passed through the Strait of Magellan and made it to the Pacific Ocean by September of 1578. One ship was destroyed, and another sailed back to England, so he was left only with the Pelican, which he renamed the Golden Hind.

As Drake traveled up the American coast, he plundered unguarded Spanish ports and galleons. Before turning back to San Francisco, Drake traveled as far north as what is now Vancouver, Canada. He sailed west for the Philippines in July of 1579. After stopping briefly in Java, he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and returned to England on Sept. 26, 1580.

On Drake's numerous trips from England to the Americas, he traveled to the West Indies, Mexico and Panama. He made trips to Africa during his early career as a slave trader. He also sailed south of England to help defeat the Spanish Armada in 1588.