What Were Some of the Roles Played by Men in Mesopotamia?

Society in ancient Mesopotamia was primarily male-dominated. As one of the world's first urban centers, however, the role played by men changed from one in which they would no longer be focused strictly on tribe and family, but would instead view themselves as holding a place in a much larger and organized community. The social status of a man in Mesopotamian society was determined by his profession, with those who were trained to be scribes considered among the elites.

Only the sons of the rich, professional and royal families of Mesopotamia received an education. Daughters stayed home to assist their mothers and learn how to cook and become housekeepers. Most young men either learned their father's profession or served as an apprentice to learn a trade. Those men who became officials in the king's palace or in the temples lived at the highest rung in society, outranked only by the king. The status a man held in Mesopotamian society would also determine the status of the woman he married.