What were the reasons for the Bataan March?


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The Bataan March was conducted by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II to forcibly transfer approximately 75,000 Allied POWs from Saisaih Pt. and Mariveles to Camp O'Donnell. The prison camp was used to intern Filipino and American POWs, and roughly 20,000 Filipinos and 1,600 Americans died there.

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In April 1942, the United States surrendered the Bataan Peninsula on the main Philippine island of Luzon to the victorious Japanese. What ensued was a forced 65-mile march. The intense heat and harsh treatment by Japanese guards led to casualties. It is estimated that about 2,500 to 10,000 Filipino and 100 to 650 American POWs died during the arduous march. General Douglas MacArthur pledged to return to the Philippines, and he did, recapturing the Bataan Peninsula in February 1945 and liberating Manila in March of that year.

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