What Were the Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution?

Some of the positive effects of the Industrial Revolution were the massive improvements in manufacturing and distribution processes, allowing more goods to be made and shipped more easily. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, nearly all goods were made by hand. Another positive effect was the creation of numerous new jobs.

The creating of clothing is a prime example of how the Industrial Revolution changed manufacturing for the better. Due to the creation of new technology, machines were used to cut, dye and sew clothing instead of one or several individuals performing those tasks. The machines were able to complete each process several times faster than a person was able to, thus increasing productivity and product output.

The industrial Revolution also helped the clothing ship goods more efficiently, due to the use of trains and other machines throughout the entire distribution process. This lead to more clothing being available in stores at a fraction of the cost compared to paying individuals to perform each task.

The improvements to production and distribution meant that businesses were able to grow at faster rates, with new factories and related businesses opening over time. New jobs, such as machine repair technicians, quality control agents, product managers and machine operators, were created to keep pace with the growing businesses.