What Were the Political Influences That Caused World War 2?


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There were several political influences that led to World War II, including the fascist Nazi party politics of Nazi Germany, isolationism and the economic collapse of European countries and the United States. Perhaps the most influential factor was the rise of Adolf Hitler as the leader of Nazi Germany, since he orchestrated the dangerous political policies that took place.

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What Were the Political Influences That Caused World War 2?
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Nazi party politics in Germany during the 1930s contributed to World War II because of the intentions that Germany and Hitler had for Europe. The inhumane treatment of Jews was alarming to the other world powers. The Jewish people were being killed in gas chambers and being sent to degrading and deadly concentration camps. Those who managed to hide were living in fear and were stripped of their rights as human beings. Nazi Germany's politics later became threatening to other countries as well, because the Germans were interested in world domination through the expansion of its borders.

Isolationism occurred when U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and other European world power leaders decided to focus on their own countries instead of paying attention to foreign affairs. Each country was facing a tremendous amount of economic disparity at home and did not feel that they could or should get involved in foreign politics. Each country's leader put the needs of their people first. This gave Hitler plenty of time to build Nazi Germany's military might and to launch his plans with little backlash. It also contributed to World War II because by the time that the world powers decided to intervene, the only method available to them was war.

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