What Were Some Personality Traits of John F. Kennedy?

Imagno/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

John F. Kennedy possessed a great deal of charisma. He was extremely ambitious and was willing to take risks to get what he wanted. Although he spent much of his life in intense physical pain, he refused to complain about it.

Kennedy was an outgoing and charming man who used his natural charisma to advance his political career. He was an excellent public speaker who focused on establishing an emotional connection with his audience and speaking positively at all times. His charisma often led him to believe that the normal rules didn’t apply to him. This resulted in his taking risks not only professionally but also by engaging in many extra-marital affairs.

Kennedy’s risk-taking nature was seen during his time in World War II, when he was the commander of a PT boat. Kennedy’s health was such that he should not have been admitted to the armed forces or considered suitable for command, as his degenerative back problems and Addison’s disease made it dangerous to have him in command. Nevertheless, he took the risks involved in combat without complaining of the pain he experienced and in fact proved himself a hero when he lost his PT boat but saved almost all the men under his command at risk to his own life.