Who Were Some Notable Governors of Texas?


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Some notable governors of Texas include George W. Bush, Sam Houston and James Pinckney Henderson. Bush eventually became president of the United States, Houston helped lead Texas' rebellion from Mexico and Henderson was the first governor in the state's history.

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Born in 1808, James Pinckney Henderson served in both the government of Texas while it was a state and while it was an independent country. He served as the country of Texas' attorney general and the secretary of state under Sam Houston in 1836. He secured England and France's recognitions of Texas' independence and helped frame the treaty for Texas' annexation into the United States. He was elected governor of the state in 1846 and served one term.

Sam Houston, a leader in Texas' fight for independence from Mexico, became governor of the state in 1859. He refused to support the state's secession from the United States, which forced him from office in 1861. He died in 1863. During Texas' brief independence, Houston served as president in 1836 and in 1841.

George W. Bush became governor of Texas in 1994. He became the first governor in the country who was the child of a U.S. president; he also was the first governor of Texas to serve consecutive terms. He and a group of businessmen purchased the Texas Rangers baseball team in 1989.

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