Where Were Nebuchadnezzar's Terraced Gardens Built?

According to ancient texts, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built along the banks of the Euphrates River. According to these sources, Nebuchadnezzar II had the Hanging Gardens of Babylon built around 600 B.C. for his wife Amytis.

Amytis was homesick for the lush landscape of her native Media, and the gardens were intended to simulate her verdant home. First described by Berossus, a Chaldean priest in the fourth century B.C., these gardens were made up of an artificial mound covered with rooftop gardens. The terraces were supported by baked brick columns filled with dirt and planted with trees and other vegetation, creating the impression of a lush mountain suspended in midair. Archaeologists working in Iraq have yet to find the actual gardens, but they continue to uncover traces of ancient technology that would have made this wonder of the world possible.